Wainscoting / Paneling

Wainscoting / Paneling Add charm, character and visual appeal to any room with the classic look of wainscoting.

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Wainscoting / Paneling  is often overlooked when home owners consider a renovation however it will make a significant impact when finished. In years gone by, paneled wainscoting was used to protect the walls from dents or gouges, it was a decorative touch with a practical application. In today’s world of inexpensive rushed home building it’s very rare to see those old touches in a new home unless you pay a huge premium or build your own home.

All our MDF wainscoting products are made using only the best Canadian Hardwood composites which means that our wainscoting is extremely durable and will not scratch as easily as less and it will be in your budget.

Covering a wall with wainscoting can make a big statement and add interesting detail to a room that lacks character. Wainscot paneling is tough enough to withstand cleaning and protects your walls from damages caused by everyday use. House of Fine Carpentry offers over 30 styles of wainscoting to suit your needs. Our precision made, pre-manufactured MDF and hardwood wainscot kits are affordable and easy to install. Ask us about professional wainscoting installation

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