Waffle Ceiling

Cornice Trim Inc Waffleded / Coffered  / Beamed Ceiling

Cornice Trim Inc Waffle/Coffer Ceiling adds beauty any room not only does it add warmth and comfort, but it also makes a room look elegant and luxurious.

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Waffle/Coffer ceilings are usually divided into squares, rectangles, or polygons, by beams creating a unique and intricate design that adds a lavish touch to a room. To make your room look more flamboyant, add crown mouldings and trims around the ceiling beams. This will add a further luxurious look to your house.

For those homeowners who want to take their room to the next level, adding a Beamed/Coffered ceiling is the best option to consider. Waffled/Coffered ceiling can add richness to your space or room and at the same time it is affordable and built to last. In the previous years, waffled/Beamed ceilings were only found in formal dining area, libraries and dens of the home however in the present time, most homeowners are making each room an architectural statement, whether it is with ceiling treatment, paint and decor to give any room an unforgettable and long lasting impression.

  • Waffle/Coffered ceilings can greatly enhance the overall value of your property and home.
  • Remodelling existing ceiling structures with waffle ceilings is not a complicated operation since it can be done in a short span of time.
  • Beamed/Coffered ceilings can give any home a much classier look evocative of historical architecture and fine hotels however it is now  far less expensive compared to the resources that go into building.
  • Waffled/Beamed ceilings are reasonable to install and it is budget friendly.
  • The decorative beams for waffle ceilings do not require drywall structures and/or anchoring points.

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