516 - 5'' Mini Rope Crown Moulding

516 – 5” Mini Rope Crown Moulding


Model #: 516
Length: 7 ft.
Height: 5” inches
Price per foot (USD): $3.24
On sale On sale!
$18.14 each
$22.68 each (tax incl.)
(price reduced by 20 %)

Not all cakes need icing, but they’re arguably better with the sweet concoction. The same goes for a room decked in trim. It isn’t essential, but crown molding goes a long way in achieving old-house charm. Here, we see what different styles of the trim—Federal, Greek Revival, Early American, Georgian, Colonial Revival, Traditional Revival and Craftsman—can do for your rooms.

Additional Information

Dimensions 7 x 5 cm


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