How we do

How Cornice Trim Ltd do it

  • Adapting techniques from the Picture Frame Industry, and combining old world methods with the latest technology, yielding precise architectural depth in a lightweight product.
  • We use only MDF wood, specifically chosen for its structural integrity. Because it will not crack, shrink or expand, this wood is ideally suited for cornice moulding.
  • It is easily cut with a saw and installed with finishing nails using common white glue as an adhesive and sealer in all joints.
  • Latex caulking is used for a final fill and trim. The availability of profiles in lengths up to 14 ft. means fewer joints to deal with and a more solid and unified appearance.
  • An average 3000 sq. ft. home is easily transformed into an architectural wonder in less than one day with minimal mess or frustration.
  • Cornice Trim Ltd. architecturally-designed mouldings provide the only truly realistic alternative to such products as expensive, brittle and messy plaster, environmentally-damaging and toxic polyurethane, plastic, or cement-covered Styrofoam, which is expensive, lacks architectural detail and better suited to exterior use.