How To Install

    Video On How To Glue Two Pieces Of Crown Moulding and Cornice Trim

Tools & Materials Required for a Perfect Cornice Trim Installation




  1. 1. If using corner blocks, install using caulking and nails, ensure nails are countersunk in the studs and joist.
  1. 2. Measure distance between corner blocks, walls, cut moulding 1/8” longer to ensure tight fit. Apply a generous amount of Instantbond™ Super Glue Adhesive to all joints. Affix moulding to wall using 2” brad nails pigeion-toed every 16” on wall and ceiling, (moulding should have a straight appearance, do not attempt to follow any curves in walls, nail only the high spots and fill in the gaps between them) with a latex filler (i.e. Alex Plus).
  1. 3. Once the moulding or trim is in place wipe off excess caulking and glue with a damp cloth.
  1. 4. Fill all nail holes with non-shrinking spackling paste using a clean wet putty knife.
  1. 5. Once complete, we recommend using two coats of FLAT latex paint for an authentic finish.


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