Crown Moulding

Crown molding encapsulates a large family of moldings which are designed to gracefully flare out to a finished top edge.

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Cornice Trim has been specializing in crown moulding in the Greater Toronto Area (The Greater Toronto Area is defined as the central city of Toronto, and the four regional municipalities that surround it: Durham, Halton, Peel, and York)��since 2002.We offer a large variety of profiles in MDF or Stain Grade Hardwood.  We emboss all our wood crown mouldings right on the premises.

Crown Molding, or moulding , is a strip of material with various profiles used to cover transitions between surfaces or for decoration. It is traditionally made from solid milled wood or plaster, but may be made from plastic or reformed wood

– 5″ Patterned Crown Moulding  

– 7″ Patterned Crown Moulding 

– 5″Plain Crown Moulding    

– 7″ Plain Crown Moulding

Crown molding is generally used for capping walls, pilasters, and cabinets, and is used extensively in the creation of interior and exterior cornice assemblies and door and window hoods.

In recent times, crown moldings have generally made their appearance as mostly decorated plaster or wooden trim where walls meet ceilings.

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